Why are so many 2020 bicycles more expensive than motorbikes?

This year’s crop of top end bikes have been extremely pricey, with RRPs extending over the £10k mark and leading to questions such as “why does that bicycle cost more than a motorbike?!” I set out to speak to some independent experts about why the big brand bikes are so expensive – and received someContinue reading “Why are so many 2020 bicycles more expensive than motorbikes?”

Is sports science ignoring women completely?

Women are harder to study – because menstrual cycles mean that our hormone levels vary from week to week and hormones play a big part in responses to assorted training methods, drugs and more. So, many sports scientists include only men in their studies because including women is costly and takes longer. That might beContinue reading “Is sports science ignoring women completely?”

Cycling and concussion – what you need to know

I still remember kneeling next to my friend after a very nasty crash at Herne Hill Velodrome. She wasn’t breathing and I’ve quite possibly never been so scared in my life. The weeks and months that followed for her inspired me to write about concussion – the risks and long term effects that we allContinue reading “Cycling and concussion – what you need to know”

Are time trial bikes actually that much faster?

You’d like to think that having invested in a TT bike, you’re going to go A LOT quicker, right? Well – it depends how fast you are. For some riders, the difference between a TT bike and a road bike with clip on bars could be – well – minimal. Write up here for allContinue reading “Are time trial bikes actually that much faster?”

Aerosensors and the everyday rider

There’s a lot of buzz going on around aerosensors – little devices that, like power meters, Joe or Joanna Bloggs can purchase and use at home to optimise their training or set up. But – like early power meters – they might not be 100% user friendly. I investigated how they work, and asked someContinue reading “Aerosensors and the everyday rider”