Why does price tag influence shoe width in cycling?

This question had been irritating me for ages. Surely, pro cyclists don’t have fewer toes than everyone else – and those wanting to spend £100 or less won’t automatically have spades for feet. So, what’s going on? One shoe brand told me that the difference is intentional because it is believed that beginners will favourContinue reading “Why does price tag influence shoe width in cycling?”

Spend v Save: which bike upgrades carry the biggest bang for buck?

Cycling can get really expensive if you let it. And for some riders, a lot of the enjoyment comes from exploring the myriad options that exist and deciding where to splash the cash. Here’s a look at the kit investments CW’s tech team recommends (and the ones we’re less convinced by).

How involved are bike brands in frame production, really?

Well, it depends on the brand. The plan with this article initially was to write a tech question: “should you buy an open mould frame?” However, having spent an hour each speaking to UKSI, GB Hope track bike and Pinarello legend Dimitris Katsanis, plus former third-party manufacturer turned Factor CEO Rob Gitelis, it felt likeContinue reading “How involved are bike brands in frame production, really?”

The first mass-produced chrome carbon bicycle frames?

This was one of those stories that lands on your desk leaving you slightly slack jawed with disbelief. I’m not convinced of the ‘world first’ claim, but the production method sounds pretty incredible and I do hope someone snaps up this tech – because these guys have worked hard, in a office made from “plasticContinue reading “The first mass-produced chrome carbon bicycle frames?”

Why are so many 2020 bicycles more expensive than motorbikes?

This year’s crop of top end bikes have been extremely pricey, with RRPs extending over the £10k mark and leading to questions such as “why does that bicycle cost more than a motorbike?!” I set out to speak to some independent experts about why the big brand bikes are so expensive – and received someContinue reading “Why are so many 2020 bicycles more expensive than motorbikes?”

Frame facing (and is the industry churning out rubbish bikes)?

Mass produced frames aren’t perfect – if they were to be perfect, they’d be a lot more expensive. But are these imperfections affecting riders? Are they so bad that we need to take matters into our own hands and have bikes tidied up and ‘finished’ after purchase? Probably not – but if you’ve got aContinue reading “Frame facing (and is the industry churning out rubbish bikes)?”