My first road race: expectations surpassed

Road races differ when compared to crit races, because a criterium is generally an hour long, often held on a purpose built course (with the exception of town centre crits etc), and always on closed roads. Having graduated from time trialling (10, 25, 50, 100 miles all ticked off..) I had an inkling I mightContinue reading “My first road race: expectations surpassed”

On Realising that Track Racing Might be Really Good for Legs (and heart and mind)

In which I make apparently life affirming comments following a three lap ride around a golf course in Surrey. Something very strange happened last night. And no, not the thing where I woke up with a raging hunger at 3am and managed not to trip over the cat on my way to make a bowl of porridge.Continue reading “On Realising that Track Racing Might be Really Good for Legs (and heart and mind)”

The Journalist and the Wordsmith

I was told recently that a strong Journalist can write something, every day. A column. A comment. That they can pluck a theory from the buzzing circuits in their minds and turn it into beauty any day. Maybe not beauty always, perhaps from time to time a melancholic prose that raises emotion or a desireContinue reading “The Journalist and the Wordsmith”

Crit Race 5 and 6: In which it starts to get better

To say I was disappointed when my fourth race didn’t go very well would be an understatement. Races 2 and 3 had both been E1234s, in which I was more than happy to be thrashed. But this – a 3/4 – and still not in the top 10? Much frustration. Since track league seemed toContinue reading “Crit Race 5 and 6: In which it starts to get better”

Track League, Take One

I think my first experience of track riding was in November last year – and ever since the number one goal has been TRACK LEAGUE. Never having done TRACK LEAGUE (I’ll stop with the caps soon… just EXCITING) I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I’ve done quite a few Saturday intermediate sessions at HerneContinue reading “Track League, Take One”

On Losing Weight and Learning to Love Food

Most teenage girls get a bit weird about food at some point. That’s probably not a good thing, but I’d say it’s pretty universal and if the contents of Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health and even ye olde Good Housekeeping are anything to go by it doesn’t usually stop at the round age of 20, or 30,Continue reading “On Losing Weight and Learning to Love Food”

The day common sense had it’s way with determination

Today was meant to be exciting. I was hoping for a little glimmer of encouragement, for the first breakthrough that might give me an indication that maybe, just maybe, the season ahead isn’t going to be a disappointment. Having been put through my paces in an E1234 road race against cat 1s and 2s one weekendContinue reading “The day common sense had it’s way with determination”