Cycling and concussion – what you need to know

I still remember kneeling next to my friend after a very nasty crash at Herne Hill Velodrome. She wasn’t breathing and I’ve quite possibly never been so scared in my life. The weeks and months that followed for her inspired me to write about concussion – the risks and long term effects that we allContinue reading “Cycling and concussion – what you need to know”

Is fear holding you back?

What’s going on in your head can dramatically influence your performance. I spoke to riders who have used psychology to overcome fear and improve their racing, also picking up some tips and tricks from sports psychologists. Read it here. Related:  The Sports Psychology of: Using Visualisation to Banish Fears The Sports Psychology of: Setting GoalsContinue reading “Is fear holding you back?”

11 life lessons for my 20-something-year-old self

2019 marks the last New Year I’ll begin as a 20-something. And yes, you can expect several ‘last 20-something’ epiphanies in the next five months. Perhaps from a current position on the naïve side of the fence, it seems to me like the degree of change decelerates as you make your way through life. ZeroContinue reading “11 life lessons for my 20-something-year-old self”

Why I was not born to be a local hack

Apologies that this blog deviates from the theme – but this seems the best place for it to live. Not too long ago (ok – long enough that it’s not news anymore), I read a report by former editorial director of Northcliffe South East, Mr Alan Geere, in which he looked into the reasons only 43%Continue reading “Why I was not born to be a local hack”