Bike racing doesn’t always favour the bold (but it’ll be worth it when it does)

I don’t think I set any really specific goals for myself this season. I was too busy trying to see if I could get a bit better at sprinting, and attempting to launch a women’s cycling team (club, thing). The sprinting went ok, actually – I’ll never get to the top step in an all-outContinue reading “Bike racing doesn’t always favour the bold (but it’ll be worth it when it does)”

How to create a women’s club/team: step by step guide

Here’s the journey that went into creating what became 1904rt in 2019, and then a women’s team with 11 riders in 2020. Step-by-step recipe below for anyone interested in setting up a group of racing women in their area.  I’ll begin by pointing out that the decision to have a go at creating a women’sContinue reading “How to create a women’s club/team: step by step guide”

Cycling in Girona: the city where bike riding and holidaying go hand-in-hand

  There are many roads you can use to get your head down and log some big miles. And there are many culturally rich cities, which will absorb you whole and spit you out the other side a more rounded human being for the experience. Girona is rather unique in that it can appease theContinue reading “Cycling in Girona: the city where bike riding and holidaying go hand-in-hand”

Not getting dropped at Good Friday

Funny how quickly things change. In 2016 my aim in a local crit race was to stay upright and not get dropped. Now we’re in 2018 and I’d be disappointed not to be in the top ten if it’s an average crit race. But for the Good Friday track meet, I well and truly returnedContinue reading “Not getting dropped at Good Friday”

Tour of Sussex stage race: jump starts and Percy Pig fuelling

‘My first…’ posts are some of the best, mostly because doing something new is pretty much always a journey to mass on-boarding of knowledge. Last weekend was a ‘my first’ for me: my first stage race. To make life difficult for myself, I decided to enter the Tour of Sussex. The inaugural women’s race hasn’tContinue reading “Tour of Sussex stage race: jump starts and Percy Pig fuelling”

Roadtrip: Morzine to Nurburg via Stelvio Pass

  Someone intelligent once advised me to take a two week holiday every single year without fail, and it was good advice. This one was the first in three years where I’ve not done any work whilst away too, so it’s been refreshing plus. The 2017 expedition (an they are always expeditions) was cut intoContinue reading “Roadtrip: Morzine to Nurburg via Stelvio Pass”

Goal setting and goal scoring (on a bike)

I began the 2017 season with a clear set of three goals. As in targets: no balls or nets involved. The focused approach came largely thanks to Dr Josie Perry, who suggested we work together on a series of sports psychology articles – using me as the guinea pig and my bike riding as theContinue reading “Goal setting and goal scoring (on a bike)”

Cycling in Portugal: N2 Challenge

I’m not big on distance. I tend to open my ears to the ‘if you’re an amateur racer of short distances, rides over three hours are a waste of time’ advice and switch off as soon as anyone says the words ‘base’ and ‘miles’ together. Selective hearing is a beautiful thing. >>> A second takeContinue reading “Cycling in Portugal: N2 Challenge”

My first road race: expectations surpassed

Road races differ when compared to crit races, because a criterium is generally an hour long, often held on a purpose built course (with the exception of town centre crits etc), and always on closed roads. Having graduated from time trialling (10, 25, 50, 100 miles all ticked off..) I had an inkling I mightContinue reading “My first road race: expectations surpassed”