Road, Track and Press Trips: Nine Highlights of 2016

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock (or actually, not using Instagram, which is perhaps more likely) – the Instagram Top Nine is a New Years craze where you ask an app to select your nine most ‘popular’ Instagram pictures (the ones with the most likes), creating a collage for you to show offContinue reading “Road, Track and Press Trips: Nine Highlights of 2016”

Internal Counting Games – is it just me?

I recently read this blog post written by an individual who has a tendency to count everything. Excited to find a kindred spirit, I moved on to the comments underneath – and discovered there are loads of us weirdos. Those responding seemed to be equally overjoyed to discover they were not alone in their peskyContinue reading “Internal Counting Games – is it just me?”

On Realising that Track Racing Might be Really Good for Legs (and heart and mind)

In which I make apparently life affirming comments following a three lap ride around a golf course in Surrey. Something very strange happened last night. And no, not the thing where I woke up with a raging hunger at 3am and managed not to trip over the cat on my way to make a bowl of porridge.Continue reading “On Realising that Track Racing Might be Really Good for Legs (and heart and mind)”

Calais to the Pyrenees, Mont Ventoux and back again

  Writing up a report of ‘what I did on my holidays’ over the journey back has become a tradition. Otherwise how would I remember the details of my first trip to the Pyrenees (Aug 2010!), the touring expedition Maurice and I shared in Northern France, or our Tuscan Honeymoon road trip? This time, theContinue reading “Calais to the Pyrenees, Mont Ventoux and back again”

The Journalist and the Wordsmith

I was told recently that a strong Journalist can write something, every day. A column. A comment. That they can pluck a theory from the buzzing circuits in their minds and turn it into beauty any day. Maybe not beauty always, perhaps from time to time a melancholic prose that raises emotion or a desireContinue reading “The Journalist and the Wordsmith”

Crit Race 5 and 6: In which it starts to get better

To say I was disappointed when my fourth race didn’t go very well would be an understatement. Races 2 and 3 had both been E1234s, in which I was more than happy to be thrashed. But this – a 3/4 – and still not in the top 10? Much frustration. Since track league seemed toContinue reading “Crit Race 5 and 6: In which it starts to get better”

Track League, Take One

I think my first experience of track riding was in November last year – and ever since the number one goal has been TRACK LEAGUE. Never having done TRACK LEAGUE (I’ll stop with the caps soon… just EXCITING) I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I’ve done quite a few Saturday intermediate sessions at HerneContinue reading “Track League, Take One”