Is fear holding you back?

What’s going on in your head can dramatically influence your performance. I spoke to riders who have used psychology to overcome fear and improve their racing, also picking up some tips and tricks from sports psychologists. Read it here. Related:  The Sports Psychology of: Using Visualisation to Banish Fears The Sports Psychology of: Setting GoalsContinue reading “Is fear holding you back?”

Frame facing (and is the industry churning out rubbish bikes)?

Mass produced frames aren’t perfect – if they were to be perfect, they’d be a lot more expensive. But are these imperfections affecting riders? Are they so bad that we need to take matters into our own hands and have bikes tidied up and ‘finished’ after purchase? Probably not – but if you’ve got aContinue reading “Frame facing (and is the industry churning out rubbish bikes)?”

Cycling, underfuelling and amenorrhea

Amenorrhea is so rife in the amateur peloton that a lot of riders – and even coaches – think it’s ‘normal’. There’s also a tendency to believe that ‘unhealthy’ habits are evident in obviously low weight. Not true. After about a decade of switching between no periods and hormonal contraceptives, I decided to address theContinue reading “Cycling, underfuelling and amenorrhea”