Published Work


Cycling Weekly

I work full time at Cycling Weekly – so you’d hope there would be lots here


Total Women’s Cycling

I was at TWC for 2 years – see my posts here


Proposed CTT regulations outlaw modified bikes 11th Nov 2013

Time Trial Series for women in the South East gains members 23rd Nov 2013

Pru Health

Getting into cycling and keeping up the habit – for Pru Health Insurance 23rd Oct 2013

Huffington Post

11 signs you’re definately a cyclist – Dec 2013

London Cyclist Blog:

See all my posts here

Urban Limits

I provide Urban Limits with weekly posts on commuting, bike maintenance and beginner advice – see the posts here

Evans Cycles Blog

See the posts here

Triathlete’s World

Essential Winter Training November 2011

Wetsuit care 101 September 2010


Indoor Cycling: The any weather fitness plan for Pru Health Vitality


Surrey Mirror Sports page on Box Hill Olympic Test event

Real Triers feature on Paul Thomas: (

Finish Your Season In Style for Tri World:

Tri World Fast Lane on Lizzy Brama: (

Sussex Sport article on Lizzy Brama:

Surrey Mirror Sports Page of tri hopefulls of Redhill:

The strangest discourse I have ever had:
An FOI gone right..

Absolute Radio comes to a Reigate garden:

Alfie Moon plays at Reigate pub:

A care home worker is charged with ill-treatment: 

The Chicken Theft:

Planning story:

Chris White. Becomes suicidal whenever a front page story might aid business (we’re on to you)

Trade story:

Trade #2 plus fire story:

Amazing school speaks 40 languages. Daily Mail picked up on this one, unfortunately, and turned it into a racist attack which was a shame:

Little girls and makeovers:

A truly sad story:

Don’t charge for parking in Reigate:
Croydon riot threat:

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