Cycling in Girona: the city where bike riding and holidaying go hand-in-hand

  There are many roads you can use to get your head down and log some big miles. And there are many culturally rich cities, which will absorb you whole and spit you out the other side a more rounded human being for the experience. Girona is rather unique in that it can appease theContinue reading “Cycling in Girona: the city where bike riding and holidaying go hand-in-hand”

Roadtrip: Morzine to Nurburg via Stelvio Pass

  Someone intelligent once advised me to take a two week holiday every single year without fail, and it was good advice. This one was the first in three years where I’ve not done any work whilst away too, so it’s been refreshing plus. The 2017 expedition (an they are always expeditions) was cut intoContinue reading “Roadtrip: Morzine to Nurburg via Stelvio Pass”

Cycling in Portugal: N2 Challenge

I’m not big on distance. I tend to open my ears to the ‘if you’re an amateur racer of short distances, rides over three hours are a waste of time’ advice and switch off as soon as anyone says the words ‘base’ and ‘miles’ together. Selective hearing is a beautiful thing. >>> A second takeContinue reading “Cycling in Portugal: N2 Challenge”

Calais to the Pyrenees, Mont Ventoux and back again

  Writing up a report of ‘what I did on my holidays’ over the journey back has become a tradition. Otherwise how would I remember the details of my first trip to the Pyrenees (Aug 2010!), the touring expedition Maurice and I shared in Northern France, or our Tuscan Honeymoon road trip? This time, theContinue reading “Calais to the Pyrenees, Mont Ventoux and back again”

Climbing in the Pyrenees: Calais to the Tourmalet and Back Again

With the arrival of August came the arrival of a two week holiday for myself and Mr Brennan. Destination: Chateau du Rupert. Rupert moved out to the base of the Pyrenees a couple of years ago, and we’d yet to make a pilgrimage to the home of one of Redhill Cycling Club’s most valued (ex)members,Continue reading “Climbing in the Pyrenees: Calais to the Tourmalet and Back Again”

Weekend Away at Caswell Bay (You Should Visit)

I’ve got an entire day to sit on my bum and tap it out today – and I don’t mean in that “tappa-tappa-tappa” climbing up the Surrey Hills sort of way. Our decision to buy a character-full-1930s house 18-months ago means we’ve got electricians ripping out its guts today and tomorrow – so I can’tContinue reading “Weekend Away at Caswell Bay (You Should Visit)”

Cyclocross World Cup, Koksijde – sand, frites and Leffe

Yesterday myself and a group of Redhillites took a trip over to Koksijde, in Belgium, to watch the Cyclocross World Cup in all its cheesy music (Bella Italia was by favourite..), Frites and Leffe glory. An 8am ferry to Dieppe meant a 5am start, but plenty of coffee, and the promise of Belgium waffles (whichContinue reading “Cyclocross World Cup, Koksijde – sand, frites and Leffe”

Road trippin’ with my favorite ally

(Note: Blog title makes the most sense if you like Red Hot Chilli Peppers. If not, just smile and nod.) RideWriteRepeat has been a little quiet as of late, because its manager, publisher, author and picture editor has been a little busy getting married, honeymooning, and still trying to maintain some freelancing. So I amContinue reading “Road trippin’ with my favorite ally”

A little adventure around France

Yesterday, Mr Brennan and I returned from our adventure round France. Day 1 – Portsmouth – Redhill, 64miles, 2,950 ft climbing We had a leisurely start because Brennan had been busy coming 8th in the Tour of Sussex and wasn’t chomping at the bit to exit the house at 8am (I was). By the time we wereContinue reading “A little adventure around France”