The Sufferfest Session selector: Which one is for you?

I do love a little bit of The Sufferfest. If you’re following a coach-prescribed plan (as I will be from Monday!) then training in a room lit only by the TV/computer screen, eyes off the data reader, and letting the video dictate your efforts, probably isn’t ideal. But there are some winter days, when it’sContinue reading “The Sufferfest Session selector: Which one is for you?”

5 ways to lengthen your ‘long run’

I’ve always struggled a little with distance. Until recently, my longest ever run (I mean run – trainers, feet, not ‘club run’ eg bike) was 10 miles – and I just could not get past that distance. I found the concept of a marathon eye wateringly painful, in fact I probably still do – butContinue reading “5 ways to lengthen your ‘long run’”

5 of my ‘favourite’ turbo sessions

Turbo training over the winter months can be painful. I’ve not yet got to the point of exposing myself to the machine of sweating, pain and self-improvement yet, as I consider October to be the ‘off-season’ month, but I know it won’t be long before I swing my leg over the beast. Despite the legContinue reading “5 of my ‘favourite’ turbo sessions”

Apex bike fit and pastries with Maison Du Velo

As I mentioned in a previous piece about changing bike shop culture, I’ve got the pleasure of having shiny new Maison Du Velo cycle shop and cafe only a few miles from my home. This weekend, my new favourite bike shop decided to hold an open day with offers and demo’s, so I hop-skipped my wayContinue reading “Apex bike fit and pastries with Maison Du Velo”

Strength and conditioning for cyclists

Winter training so far has turned me into what feels like a walking bundle of Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness, or DOMS. DOMS can make you feel a bit fatigued, but sore muscles are a sign of adapting muscles (to a certain extent!)– and as the saying goes: I’ve been off the weights all summer, andContinue reading “Strength and conditioning for cyclists”

Advice for your first training camp

With the British autumn in full swing, and winter not far away – maybe you’re thinking about taking a trip abroad to get some miles in, either just for the fun of it, or to get a little bit ahead of the game on the competition who you hope are stuck indoors and dreaming ofContinue reading “Advice for your first training camp”

Turbo Training: Why and How

Over the last couple of weeks, the great British Weather had decided to subject cyclists to some proper ‘January’ conditions  As a result, the cycling population was split into a few clear camps: Those that just keep riding outside, those that keep riding inside, and those that take the opportunity to have a break. Personally, I decidedContinue reading “Turbo Training: Why and How”

Science vs Feeling the ride

This week I found my heart rate monitor. I lost it somewhere between moving from Horley and moving to Redhill, so a few data-less weeks whizzed by before I sent out the search party. I was a bit nervous uploading the weeks riding. Without any data you can happily convince yourself you’ve put enough intoContinue reading “Science vs Feeling the ride”