5 of the best books for cyclists

I do love to ride my bike – of course I do – but unfortunately I don’t have the stamina to ride ALL the time, so sometimes settling down with a good book is the next best thing. There are some amazing books out there written by cyclists who have done incredible things. Appreciation of literature,Continue reading “5 of the best books for cyclists”

CW-X Stabilityx tights reviewed – Kinesio tape technology in the form of tights

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a pair of CW-X Rainbow Stabilityx tights from High Octane sports. CW-X have been working with scientists at Wacoal Human Science Research Center in Kyoto, Japan, where they study kinesiology – the science of human movement. The resulting patented CW-X Support Web™ mimics techniques of kinesiology-taping used toContinue reading “CW-X Stabilityx tights reviewed – Kinesio tape technology in the form of tights”

Arkose (W) is a girl’s best friend

I’ve been playing with the dark side lately. Cyclocross is a road-meets-off-road hybrid that is considered by many a roadie/mountain biker to be an illegitimate child best forgotten. Drop handlebars, nobbly tyres – a dirty mix? Well – yes, a muddy one. I’ve been CXing a whole 5 times now. Initially, I was riding a Pinnacle Arkose TwoContinue reading “Arkose (W) is a girl’s best friend”

Bicycle girl & the search for saddle supremacy

More and more women are getting on their bikes. British Cycling are working really hard to encourage 1million more girls to get on their bikes – and they’re succeeding. One question I’ve seen lots of newer female cyclists ask is: “is there a ‘perfect saddle’ that will eliminate all my discomfort?” The seemingly never ending questContinue reading “Bicycle girl & the search for saddle supremacy”

Lezyne Femto Drive vs Zecto Drive

The nights are no longer drawing in. They have well and truly drawn in. It’s been misty with poor visibility till about 7am every morning, and by 7pm we’re in darkness. I’ve tried a couple of different types of lights in my time – from the cheapest of the cheap blinkers to £200 lamps that illuminate theContinue reading “Lezyne Femto Drive vs Zecto Drive”

Hell Hath No Fury – The Sufferfest approach to 2 x 20

I write this post as my other half makes an appreciative ‘hm’ noise from his position on the rollers. He’s watching ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ – the female only training video from The Sufferfest. The video was a Christmas present to me last year, but like all the best presents – we share it. RightContinue reading “Hell Hath No Fury – The Sufferfest approach to 2 x 20”

“The Obree Way – A Training Manual for Cyclists”

Graeme Obree was the Scottish amateur rider who launched himself from the domestic scene to World Champion status on a shoestring budget and broke the world hour record riding a bike made from washing machine parts. He’s also a manic depressive and recovered alcoholic. In his autobiography, The Flying Scotsman, Obree details the way he justified his existenceContinue reading ““The Obree Way – A Training Manual for Cyclists””

The (cyclo)Cross Revolution – Testing a Pinnacle Arkose Two

Towards the end of a long season of tarmac, sometimes people start to behave oddly. Some maniacs try to carry it on and exercise their VO2 max on hill climbs. Others suddenly develop a love of a new sport. Scuba diving. Fell running. TiddlyWinks. I decided to keep it in the sport: Cyclocross. Or more “off-roadContinue reading “The (cyclo)Cross Revolution – Testing a Pinnacle Arkose Two”

Wickers – for Sussex Sport Jan

Wickers Gym Club is committed to training children in the art of gymnastics and supporting them into adulthood where they have the chance to gain qualifications and even coach. Based in Lancing, the club now has over 300-members and will soon by moving to a larger venue to accommodate for them. Accredited both by SportContinue reading “Wickers – for Sussex Sport Jan”