Casual Clothing to Express Your Pedal Passion

For many of us, cycling is about more than what we do when we’re actually on the bike. If you let it, riding can become a huge part of who you are, and many of us like to show off our favorite past-time when we’re in our civvies. I know I’m not just talking aboutContinue reading “Casual Clothing to Express Your Pedal Passion”

Time Crunched Energy Bites

My name is Michelle and I am not a domestic goddess. I’m usually trying to do everything in a hurry – so baking and I don’t go hand in hand. There  is however, one recipe that is renowned in my little household of two. This mega quick concoction has evolved with me over time, and these doughy cakey nibbles areContinue reading “Time Crunched Energy Bites”

What does your cycling kit say about you?

I’m opening this post with a disclaimer: it’s all in good fun. I don’t really think your Altura jersey means you like welly-boots, or that Rapha gear is only worn by those with a wallet as thick as a brick… only that if that brand were to be epitomized in cycling form, that might beContinue reading “What does your cycling kit say about you?”