The importance of time outside

There’s only one thing I dislike about my new swim/bike/run plan at the moment – and that’s driving to work. My 15 mile commute has 950 ft climbing out and 1050 ft on the way back and takes about 50mins each way. Leaving home at 7am, getting home at 7pm, and fitting in a swimContinue reading “The importance of time outside”

Why ‘lucky saddle’ makes me see red

This may come as a surprise, but I do actually try my best to limit the number of women’s cycling related posts I write. Obviously, it’s something I’m incredibly passionate about, but at this stage of the blog, I wouldn’t want to turn away readers by being irrelevant to them. This post, however, began simmeringContinue reading “Why ‘lucky saddle’ makes me see red”

The Tunbridge Wells Sprint Tri & Killing Plantar Fasciitis

Apologies to those coming to the blog after cycling news and reviews and the such – I’ve been a bit training-focused here lately, I know. If it helps, you can find 2 posts a week on the London Cyclist, and one on Urban Limits (plus obviously tons on Evans Cycles’ blog) – so you seeContinue reading “The Tunbridge Wells Sprint Tri & Killing Plantar Fasciitis”

Does kinesio tape work on a bruise?

I recently had a little slip sliding experience with a patch of ice on a bend up a hill I probably shouldn’t have sought to climb having already come across a number of ice patches on my way there. (If you’re looking for advice on riding safely in ice, check out my piece on stayingContinue reading “Does kinesio tape work on a bruise?”

Ten signs you’re a bit too ‘cyclist’ (in a good way)

It all started so innocently – a couple of rides down the sea front, commuting to and from work, perhaps a little time trial to see how you’re doing… and oh – it’s happened – you’re no longer ‘a person who cycles’ but ‘a cyclist’. Here are some tell tale signs: 1)      You go toContinue reading “Ten signs you’re a bit too ‘cyclist’ (in a good way)”

Apex bike fit and pastries with Maison Du Velo

As I mentioned in a previous piece about changing bike shop culture, I’ve got the pleasure of having shiny new Maison Du Velo cycle shop and cafe only a few miles from my home. This weekend, my new favourite bike shop decided to hold an open day with offers and demo’s, so I hop-skipped my wayContinue reading “Apex bike fit and pastries with Maison Du Velo”

Why I was not born to be a local hack

Apologies that this blog deviates from the theme – but this seems the best place for it to live. Not too long ago (ok – long enough that it’s not news anymore), I read a report by former editorial director of Northcliffe South East, Mr Alan Geere, in which he looked into the reasons only 43%Continue reading “Why I was not born to be a local hack”

Science vs Feeling the ride

This week I found my heart rate monitor. I lost it somewhere between moving from Horley and moving to Redhill, so a few data-less weeks whizzed by before I sent out the search party. I was a bit nervous uploading the weeks riding. Without any data you can happily convince yourself you’ve put enough intoContinue reading “Science vs Feeling the ride”

Horses, punk and triathlon.

Before you begin – background reading: If you can’t be bothered – here is the jist: “In order to do triathlon, it helps to have a job that pays well but is rather shallow in the social contribution department. This provides both the time and the funds to be a triathlete with the attendantContinue reading “Horses, punk and triathlon.”