11 life lessons for my 20-something-year-old self

2019 marks the last New Year I’ll begin as a 20-something. And yes, you can expect several ‘last 20-something’ epiphanies in the next five months. Perhaps from a current position on the naïve side of the fence, it seems to me like the degree of change decelerates as you make your way through life. ZeroContinue reading “11 life lessons for my 20-something-year-old self”

How to create a women’s club/team: step by step guide

Here’s the journey that went into creating what became 1904rt in 2019, and then a women’s team with 11 riders in 2020. Step-by-step recipe below for anyone interested in setting up a group of racing women in their area.  I’ll begin by pointing out that the decision to have a go at creating a women’sContinue reading “How to create a women’s club/team: step by step guide”

Internal Counting Games – is it just me?

I recently read this blog post written by an individual who has a tendency to count everything. Excited to find a kindred spirit, I moved on to the comments underneath – and discovered there are loads of us weirdos. Those responding seemed to be equally overjoyed to discover they were not alone in their peskyContinue reading “Internal Counting Games – is it just me?”

The Journalist and the Wordsmith

I was told recently that a strong Journalist can write something, every day. A column. A comment. That they can pluck a theory from the buzzing circuits in their minds and turn it into beauty any day. Maybe not beauty always, perhaps from time to time a melancholic prose that raises emotion or a desireContinue reading “The Journalist and the Wordsmith”

Why I wish Strava had never been created

Wooww there – bold statement? Perhaps. For a lot of people, Strava is a motivational tool, it’s a reason to get out and ride, and to ride faster. Personally, I think it’s an invasion on cycling as we know it – it turns social rides into races, creates relationships behind screens, and for anyone whoContinue reading “Why I wish Strava had never been created”

Frozen Yogurt in a (2 minute) flash

My mum-in-law recently mentioned making frozen yogurt, using just frozen fruit and Greek yogurt. My ears pricked up: immediate yummyness, with no nasties… could such a thing be achievable? I had a go 24 hours after arriving home, to great success… The recipe is beyond simple – so easy an untrained monkey could be eatingContinue reading “Frozen Yogurt in a (2 minute) flash”

Why “girl cyclist thighs” aren’t such a bad thing

I’m going to sound like a stalker – but I cannot write this piece without doing so. Like many bloggers, and actually online marketeers, journalists – and the like – I do like data. And data on which search terms drive people to my blog? Love it. Only because it tells me what you want toContinue reading “Why “girl cyclist thighs” aren’t such a bad thing”

Why yoga is good for cyclists – and so much more

Some time around mid summer, I received an email at work with a title something along the lines of “Yogi Pals”. Odd, right? It transpired that a certain colleague had taken the initiative to hunt down a Yogi (the word still makes me smile) to come in once a week – justification being the needContinue reading “Why yoga is good for cyclists – and so much more”

The Crawley Tri and end of a season

The Crawley Triathlon, like the Tunbridge Wells Tri last month, was entered on a bit of a whim. (See what I did there – passive voice – as though I personally am not responsible for the action of signing up… ). I quit Tri in April 2012 due to a running injury, so before Tunbridge WellsContinue reading “The Crawley Tri and end of a season”