Musings on Unecessary Idlesness

Today’s training – 2x10min kettlebell – adding to 400 swings, with downward rows to recover, 30min swim, 30 min pool jog, 20min cycle I write this sitting in the library cafe, hoping that the twenty minutes till my seminar will pass quickly. Quite simply, I have no work I can get on with until IContinue reading “Musings on Unecessary Idlesness”

Cross Training Advertisment

I’m taking a break from informative, rambling little posts, to share my own recent training. Let’s see if i’m following my own advice… My previous schedule: Monday- 35min steady runTuesday – 3x600m, 3x500m, 3x400mWednesday- 40min tempo runThursday – 8x1min intervals, 20min jogFriday – RestSaturday – 10x200metre hills, 20min jogSunday – 60min steady run My lastContinue reading “Cross Training Advertisment”

Ambition Vs Ability: Round One

Alarm bells sounded as Paula Radcliffe hobbled over the finish line of the New York Marathon, breaking her three year winning streak as she scooped fourth place. The reason? A bad case of tendonitis, which had been present BEFORE the start line. Thankfully, the running legend has vowed to take a year off her intensiveContinue reading “Ambition Vs Ability: Round One”

Eat like a caveman? – Eat like a Student.

I recently read Mark Bittman’s article on healthy eating in Runners World’s January edition, and I can, quite honestly, say I learnt nothing. It is a wonderful article, full of common sense advice and nifty tricks and ideas. Thing is, most of the advice wasn’t very new to me. Mark advised readers to take aContinue reading “Eat like a caveman? – Eat like a Student.”