Frozen Yogurt in a (2 minute) flash

My mum-in-law recently mentioned making frozen yogurt, using just frozen fruit and Greek yogurt. My ears pricked up: immediate yummyness, with no nasties… could such a thing be achievable?

I had a go 24 hours after arriving home, to great success…


The recipe is beyond simple – so easy an untrained monkey could be eating frozen yogurt in 3 minutes…

Ingredients (for 2 portions):

> 2 cups of frozen fruit (can be bought frozen, or fresh and frozen in advance) – I chose a summer berry mix, other options include peaches, banana, strawberries…

> Half cup of Greek Yogurt – I went for full fat (fat free has a lot of sugar) but any will work

> Table spoon of honey – increase/decrease to taste

> Topping… I used fruit but I’m planning some grated dark chocolate for attempt number 2…. (ahem – tomorrow)


1) Put fruit, yogurt, and honey into a bowl (quite a wide one, I started in a mixing jug and couldn’t get to the fruit at the bottom)

2) Blend until creamy

3) Serve. Can be kept in the freezer for 1 month, and served as desired.

Like this one? I also shared Time Crunched Energy Bites. Most of my recipes share a similar theme… 

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