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36 thoughts an active twenty something has in a day

I read this post recently, 31 thoughts every twenty something girl has on a daily basis  – and it made me a bit sad.

It starts “I’m Fat” and then is mainly about comparing self to other women, being fat, having rubbish hair, and being a bit dissatisfied at work. Fair enough, probably all thoughts we have sometimes… but hopefully interspersed with a grain of positivity.

(Yes – I get Hannah is also being a bit satirical. I hope.)



No offence to Hannah (and no I don’t know her) – we’re all different and it’s very honest of her to share her daily thoughts… but I suppose what’s sad is that she’s writing about a stereotype that probably isn’t based too far from the truth. Diets, fashion, living off beans to afford shoes from Topshop – it’s all genuine and far from uncommon.

It’s not my place to be judgemental, it’s not really fair – so I thought I’d have an honest look at some of the thoughts I recall from today… 

1) Good sleep. Ah, I know why. Wonder how thick our walls are?

2) 1kg heavier?! In a night? WTF? Oh yes –3 days of pill left in packet – totally normal, ignore it, will wake up 1kg lighter in few days. F’ing water retention. I hope.

3) Where are keys?! Found keys. Only 6.30am – don’t panic, 10mins late just means 10mins late. World doesn’t end.

4) EKKKK New car!! So pretty! Oh… the speedo gives me an actual speed… Drive slower! Remember what they taught you in speed awareness?! Think how many weekends work this car represents…

5) Wow. Drove super slow. Arrived 3mins early. This is good – rush less – keep calm and carry on.

6) It’s pissing it down. Good day not to ride to work. Left glute a bit sore. Injury risk? Nah- warm up – see how it goes.

7) Hello Treadmill. Ah, “hello” to the old man who just pointedly greeted me in such a cheery way. Must think I’m a right miserable twenty something who works in London and doesn’t smile at people.

8) Wow – did first 4 reps 0.7km faster than last week! Love coming back to running after no running for, like, 2 years.

9) One rep left. Ok – just do 1min. Ok, do 2… 2 and a half… turn it up for last 30 secs…. Done it!! Legend. Still, you’re still slow. And warming down is so boring

10) Right – you’ve got 4.5mins to get showered and changed. Glad I work for a bike shop where I can dress down. Can’t believe I met girls at a party recently who HAVE to wear heels for work or risk being thought of as unprofessional. Make the men wear heels for a day.. Workplace inequality… wonder how many women at the top of highest industries? Problem is: childbirth. Life not fair. Mother nature is sexist…

11) Nothing in vending machine but Yazoo. 65calaries per 100ml, What’s 65 x 4.75? Whatever – need nourishment or muscles will collapse and/or break.

12)  Hope no one sees me driving round car park twice trying to get easier space.

13) Daily stand up. Ahhh left diary at home… how to live without diary?  Just. Say. Words.

14) Right – do stuff. Major issue with links and URLs and SEO and ugh. Resolve. Make new plan.  I like working in the realm of the t’interweb.

15) Post something funny on Facebook. Hope other people think it’s funny cos Engagement needs to stay up so my insights charts look pretty. (This is work Facebook, I don’t track KPIs on my own profile…I wonder what my Edgerank is like… )

16) You bought brownies? I don’t actually want one as much as I want a PB next week – but I don’t want everyone to think I’m boring and don’t eat brownies. Just eat a third of a brownie and hope no one notices.

17) Wow… 12 oclock… how happened that? Lunch anyone?

18) Could drive to Tesco and buy Protein shake to help reduce epic 1kg hormone bundle. Don’t be silly. Need food to live on.

19) Chicken wrap and some fruit. Why is fruit always so expensive when not purchased at supermarket? Almost like you WANT people to be unhealthy and put further strain on the NHS

20) Shiz. Missed deadline to sign up for National 10 TT. Ah well, local TTs seem to be going better this year, Nationals have all been rubbish. Maybe next year.

21) Wonder if husband is doing TT this eve. Think I’ll go swimming instead, ran hard this AM, not worth getting aero helmet out with tired legs.

22) Ah – husband 😀 Still sounds strange – but lovely.

23) Calendar reminder. Forgot about meeting… cancel meeting?

24) Damn, meeting still happening.

25) Do pleased we had that meeting – actually feel like I know more stuff.

26) Repay some kindness to a colleague – ah, Karma – it’s not actually karma – it’s engineered – nice people are nice to nice people.

27) Same girl at the till at the gym, always says computer is broken… Wow those are long nails. Why are we women always so judgmental of each other?

28) Pool. How come it’s 28 degrees but still feels cold?

29) Feel a bit guilty for constantly overtaking this poor bloke. But he is swimming breastroke, in the fast lane, lopsided. A bit like a frog with a broken leg. If I was doing reps I’d be getting annoyed.

30) Yay! Just a few months swimming again and 1k speed pretty much back to mid-triathlon training. Wonder if training makes a difference if one can skip 2 sports for 2 years…

31) Hope swim/run don’t make me slow at bike riding. It’s ok – will ride bike tomorrow.

32) Home. Dinner! Husband not home – must be at TT. Shove some food in microwave and chill out on sofa. Annnd relax.

33) Can’t believe this girl thinks women spend all their lives either feeling fat/unattractive/judging other women.

34) Read the comments. Ah good, other women agree and I can probably write a post about this without offending too much since she’s heard it all already..

35) Wait… how many times have you thought about calories today? Still – it’s different – youv’e also achieved something running, had a good day at work, and chilled yourself out swimming instead of staring at the TV – better than spending life thinking about shoes in Top Shop and Mac Donalds Take Away. Wait – how judgemental am I?

36) Why do I blog? It lifts the soul.

Anyone else want to volunteer?

I'm an NCTJ Journalist and work at Cycling Weekly. Previous to this, I was the Editor at Total Women's Cycling. I've also dabbled in marketing and copywriting - having been Marketing Coordinator and Social Media/Content Editor at Evans Cycles. My first job was working on a local newspaper.  I've written for a variety of titles on a freelance basis, too. I got into cycling when I entered my first triathlon in 2010. I now race crits, road races, time trials, and do a lot of track training for not very much track racing.

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