What’s on your training playlist?

The monotony on winter turbo training gets to your head a little bit, sometimes.

One of the things I do love about spending time in my own personal indoor spinning hell is that (as well as making me faster, hopefully), it gives me a chance to fall in love with my favourite music again.

However, I tend to get stuck on loop – listening to the same albums over and over again. Sometimes, we all need a little inspiration.

I thought I’d play around with Sportify and see if I could remind myself of some of my old favourites from my teenage years, when music occupied 70% of my brain. Perhaps I’ll share a little musical inspiration with some of you, but only if you like punk and a bit of angry thrash (oh, and Shania Twain..) Here are my all time favourite tracks:


What do you like to listen to when training?

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