With compliments

Today I leave for Majorca! Exciting.

To compliment the last post, and ensure I don’t fall behind on blogging, here is a word doodle I wrote some years ago that seems to fit the theme and sum up my holiday vibe, and my thoughts last time I wrote. Good to know my idealism hasn’t dwindled much in the last couple of years:

Last night I lay awake with my head against the pillow, listening to the blood rushing in my ears as my heart thudded in my chest, my body strangely energised as sleep approached.

I realise sometimes how fragile my body is. The truth is that my days inhabiting this shell I carry around are numbered.

Each of us has a bank account full of days, and we are wasting them on loans which will never be able to guarantee us more. Nobody will ever know the extent of their days. Days, then, should be filled with experience ā€“ tasting the untasted, feeling the explosion of flavour open the doors to the uncertain, the forbidden and the breathtaking.

I do not know why we are here; I do not know what is next. What I do know is that my life is not a waiting room, dedicated to the pursuit of good appearance, success or pride; my life is an opportunity.

We speak of jobs, holidays, relationships, purchases in the sale as opportunities ā€“ but we are forgetting the most monumental opportunity any of us will ever receive: the opportunity of life. My life is a blessing and I intend to grab it as it races by, and never let go.

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