I have just woken from an uninterrupted 10 hours sleep. Well, approximately 9hrs50mins but let’s not get too picky.

The final session before recovery week was a set of hill reps, all I can say is I did them, and my legs just about carried me home, though with some difficulty.

The last three weeks, 21 days, 18 of which involved training, have seen 30 sessions prescribed and 30 ticked off – without a single black mark. This morning, however, I should actually be doing a short, easy recovery swim. For some reason though, I can’t think of anything I’d like to do less.

During recovery week, there are easy relaxed sessions, and there are a selection of short time trial test efforts. The latter matter, what would be the point in all the hard work if you don’t get to see the gains? The easy sessions are really just about keeping everything moving and ticking over. The key goal is recovery. Therefore, I might do the mini swim after work, but then, I might actually not.

This morning I let myself slowly uncoil from the grasp of a good sleep, made a leisurely trip to the kitchen and perched upon my window seat to watch the world go by and eat my breakfast (porridge, banana, jam I stole from my flatmate…)

I was going to call this a week of easy, un-focused training. That would be incorrect though. The focus is there, and it is on rediscovering the energy that gets slowly ebbs away as the session count increases.

The focus is on, it just so happens that this week it involves a lot less hard work, and much more luxury and laziness.

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