‘Woman Up’

Today I was limited in time. Basically, I finished work at 3 and had a sports massage booked at 4.45.

The choice was this: Get to the pool for 3.30 and blast through the (rather hardcore 50m reps) swim session and then go to sports massage, leaving evening free for chillaxing – or be lazy and chill out before massage, then subject myself to the session later.

I chose the former option, got in the pool and realised it really was going to be a case of do the session – no stopping, no toilet breaks, chatting breaks or ‘pretend to study the laminated session plan and recover’ pauses.

So, I warmed up, pressed the ‘go’ button on my stopwatch and pain began.

Except there really wasn’t so much time to consider the effort, or to think at all really. I instead chose to totally shut down the thinking part of my brain and concentrate on the parts that make my body work.

Result? A damn good session and no nagging time wasting thoughts or distraction.

So this is my lesson: sometimes not thinking about what you’re making yourself do is the best way forward. Sometimes, it’s best just to stop wimping out and get on with it.
Man up.
(excuse the sexist term.)
Woman up. Women are tougher anyway 😉

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