Ok, it’s Tuesday night after a relitively easy press day. I’ve got.. ohh.. fifteen minutes? Here goes.
I’m now two-and-a-half months into coaching and all is well.

Except the weekend’s TT – but that was a fail on the navigational front.

Picture the scene – you race from a public meeting in Nutfield to the club TT. You had expected the meeting to finish by 11am, giving you time to seamlessly travel the 10miles from one to the other, recce the course, warm up and blitz the 14mile.

Of course, the meeting continues until around 12.30, you get lost on the way to the course leaving just enough time to get changed, grab a hat, sign the dotted line and go.

It’s ok, you tell yourself: this is a time trial. Follow the arrows. Go left. Can’t go wrong.
Until you see an arrow pointing right.
Long story short, there were two races planned that weekend, and I followed the arrows for the wrong one. So – no club time for me – but a good training ride none-the-less.

The lesson here is that sometimes life gets in the way.

A better example is the time my new pet hamster took a flying leap from his cage the night before a hefty swim set, leaving me scurrying around the floor all night tempting my beloved Orwell with trails of broccoli and walnuts.

It doesn’t matter how devoted, obsessed, dedicated or disciplined I might try to be – whilst training might remain hugely important in my life, work, family, friends, responsibilities come first.

Back to the update..
Sunday was long run day, and Munro and I set off together. A bit of competition and the last couple of months training saw an extra mile added to the normal total – 9 miles in the same time I used to heave through 8 – pleased with that. Of course, the next logical goal is 10 in the magic minutes but it’s a recovery run, not a race (yet), so lets not get too ambitious. Topped off with a swim and sprinkled with some kick drills, that was the weekend.

Recovery day over and the new week is now well and truly in swing. Monday hard, Tuesday hard, Wednesday – ohh it’s looking kinder! Shame about Thursday… :-/

I am an NCTJ qualified journalist and copywriter with a year’s worth of experience as a local hack, and just under two years’ of experience working in the marketing department for a highstreet retailer. I currently work at Cycling Weekly, previous to this I was the editor at Total Women's Cycling. I do a little freelance writing alongside my job, and have written for Runner’s World, Triathlete’s World, Sussex Sport, Basingstoke Gazette newspaper, the Brighton Argus, Steve Hart Photography and 2LK Design. I blog to record the activities in my life which I don’t want to forget when I’m old and wrinkly (let’s hope the internet never melts down – but it seems safer than a notebook) – to let old friends and family know what I’m up to, and because I enjoy playing with words. I’m always looking for new projects – and you can email me should you ever need someone with an energetic passion for word doodling. Email: michelle.arthurs@gmail.com Twitter: @RideWriteRepeat Instagram: @RideWriteRepeat

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