Firstly- excuse all the pictures. I’ve been told recently that the blog was lacking pics – so I’m doing my best to keep it interesting with a few little snaps to inject a little colour into the long and arduous text ;-)Am I that boring in words alone?

Was back to training today. Well – actually yesterday – because I DID do the run. And you know what? I got my first PB in bloody ages. It feels like breaking out of a particuarly choppy wave after being caught under it just long enough to start wondering if you’ll make it to the next breath. (Sorry for that one – got carried away there. Like how the sentence is so long it replicates the feeling? Accidental I promise).

I’ve been smiling all day – I even smiled as I did the slightly boring turbo session this evening.

I’ve always gone for the battering ram approach – as long as you keep on training, consistently and constantly, you’ll make a break through. I swear I went almost a year and only took one ‘double day off’ when I got ill. And you know what? I didn’t really get too much better.

Yes – consisency is good – but sometimes destroying yourself and taking two days to get back on the game is better.

Many lessons to be leart. Likely next year, or next month, I’ll read this over and tut to myself. Regrdless – now: I am happy. We all like a bit of a breakthrough now and then. Some more than most, admittedly.

I am an NCTJ qualified journalist and copywriter with a year’s worth of experience as a local hack, and just under two years’ of experience working in the marketing department for a highstreet retailer. I currently work at Cycling Weekly, previous to this I was the editor at Total Women's Cycling. I do a little freelance writing alongside my job, and have written for Runner’s World, Triathlete’s World, Sussex Sport, Basingstoke Gazette newspaper, the Brighton Argus, Steve Hart Photography and 2LK Design. I blog to record the activities in my life which I don’t want to forget when I’m old and wrinkly (let’s hope the internet never melts down – but it seems safer than a notebook) – to let old friends and family know what I’m up to, and because I enjoy playing with words. I’m always looking for new projects – and you can email me should you ever need someone with an energetic passion for word doodling. Email: Twitter: @RideWriteRepeat Instagram: @RideWriteRepeat

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  1. Well done Michelle! PBs will always feel fantastic. New blog looks good, although you've still got a typo in your subheading.

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