Nearly there..

So – 8 hours of exammy goodness down, with 4 to go..

Training has been continuing without any real hitch. Is that really, really bad?
I’m unsure. I will tell you when I get my results.

This morning I managed to do 70mins on the turbo, with HR of 160-180 and revise similataniously. Revision has nerver excited me so much as to double/triple/whatever my heart rate. Half way through my landlady popped into the garage (to collect dog food) to find me sweating away, surrounded by paper – it must have looked like some strange suffer-fest of combined mental ad physical torture.
Session was most probably not my best ever, ever, but to be honest i’m quite pleased to have maintained training-equalibrium among the Public Affairs/Meida Law/Subbing/Newswriting (40% pass rate on the last course. FORTY PERCENT?! Well that fills me with confidence.. statistically : you are more likely to fail than you are to pass.) tinted world.

All creativity/otherwise thoughts/rambles seem to have evaded me, however – so if you’re looking for something interestnig – consult me later.

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