Disgustingly, hideously obsessed.

I took a day off today. Reason being, I had a job interview in a distant land, and wanted to make a good impression. Read: not arrive at all tired, and not race off in a hurry. Truth is, training usually wakes me up rather than makes me tired but in this case I wanted to be extra-extra sure. And I wanted to leave at the crack of dawn to ensure actually getting there on time (I did. Several hours early.. but it was nice to explore šŸ™‚ and it turned out to be a rather good interview.)

As a result, having arrived home, I have spent a good few hours sitting on my floor:
Pitching an idea to a magazine, tidying up a few articles… annd… googling past race results and analysing them in an exercise in target practice.

This confirms one thing: I am disgustingly, hideosly obsessed.
Now all I have to do is channel the obsession in the right direction and get faster.

That and make sure I learn shorthand and pass all NCTJ examms by 13th December…and find a way of fitting a 20 day internship into less than 20 days in order to get the job from today. Not too much to do then..

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