10k marker..

Weds: 20min jog, 6x500m, 2x1k, 40min jog
Thurs: AM: 70min turbo (various approaches..), PM 30min jog/drills

New plan is drawn up, looking all shiny and ready on a spreadsheet and waiting to be followed. General conclusion is that i’ve been doing a lot of short, sharp efforts, and not enough work on maintaining a moderate level of effort, which, if I want to up the distance next season, is somewhat necessary.

Good news is that I ran last night, legs feel absolutely fine today, and i’m looking forward to Phoenix 5mile race this weekend and.. Brookes 10k the weekend after.

The purpose of entering Brookes 10k was to find out what my 10k time is. However, now feeling totally unprepared having down hardly any practice runs, with no idea how to pace myself.

However, I guess this time around it’s best to accept injury led to slightly disordered training, drop the ‘must get a good PB’ goal, and use it as a learning experience on how to pace the race right.

Overall, goal is Olympic distance triathlon. This race is really just one marker on the journey. Or, at least that’s what i’ll tell myself for now..

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