Boring Update – sorry!

Weds – Club 5k track, 40min run
Thur – AM: 1hr bike, Preston Park, PM: 50min run
Fri – AM: gym. snatches/squats PM: Club Swim
Sat- 40min run
Sun – 40mile group bike
Mon – AM 1hr run, PM: gym snatches/squats
Tues – 1hr+ bike commute, 2.5k swim
Wed – 1hr run with 10x2min intervals, 40min bike commute
Thur – AM – 70min Turbo session (sets of 5min hard – 1min hard with intervals), PM: 40min hilly run

Will blog something musey soon!!
For now, check out The Argus Oct 13th page 8 and The Argus Oct 15th Sports Pages to see how i’ve been otherwsise engaged. And the Argus website for other general stories!

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