On a different note: Nutrition. A topic I rarely approach, because i’m generally fairly content with mine.

However, it has come to my attention that I can quite merrily chomp through at least three or four apples, two or three bananas, and maybe an orange in a day. Add to that that in the last 2 days i’ve eaten a good 1500 calories of dried fruit… that’s a fair amount of fruit.

When I go home to stay with my parents, I actually get a little self conscious about the amount I go through. (To be fair, that does not only apply to fruit. Also, cereal, yoghurt, tuna… )

Generally, I like to ignore calorie counting, and pay little attention to the myriad of studies that showed blah had blah effect on a small handfull of individuals from Zanzibar. My mother always said ‘all things in moderation’, and I agree. But it is undeniable that fruit has high sugar content. The problem is, I tend to eat fruit to fill the gaps between meals, and generally only when I am genuinly hungry. So either…
1) I will need to find a new gap-filler,
2) I need to eat larger meals.
3) That is a perfectly acceptable amount of fruit to eat and I should just get on with it.

Answers on a postcard.

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