Ringmer Community Tri

Michelle Arthurs 1:30:16 (11:27/48:26/30:23)
12th female out of about 50. First female did 1hr19. Seemed like a pretty competitive crowd, so pleased with my place.

The night before race day, I poked my head out the window, and couldn’t help but notice it was raining, a lot. “Bugger” I thought to myself.

Woke up about 5/6 am and the torrential pee from the sky was still pouring down on us. With my kit bag sitting expectantly next to the door, and my shiny-just-cleaned-bike waiting next to it, I decided there was a first time for everything – and this would be my first ‘race in the rain’.

Racking the bike was a bit strange, as the positions weren’t numbered, so placed mine next to an easy to spot yellow and blue vehicle, in the hope it’s owner might not have collected it before my T1.

I was a bit concerned pre-swim becuase i’d not been in a pool for a couple of weeks (oops!). After jumping in too early, and being asked to get out again.. , when I did start the swim felt fine. I let one woman overtake me, and swam at a pace I was happy with, then got irritated when I wanted to speed up at the end and the lane was full of people who seemed to have slowed down. Decided not to let frustration get the better of me, jumped out the pool and ran to find my bike.

The bike route was pretty nice, the odd hillock but nothing to strike any fear, and not so flat I could relax. It was my first time using my shiny new bike computor. Maybe if i’d used it at least once before, i’d know what to aim for.. but as this wasn’t the case, I just tried to make sure I kept the speed pretty consistent, which I think I did. I saw the cool black ‘Lawless’ suit speed past me at one point, as well as Nigel’s pointy helmet!

Once again, i’m pretty disappointed with my run. I think brick sessions have been lacking, so that’s next seassons goal. Also, maybe run training has suffered a lot with the introduction of swimming and biking this summer. Regardless, as winter approaches (i’m sorry to say it, but it’s true!), focus will be switching to running, so hopefully I can sort myself out.

Overall, a good race. It was my longest yet (no sniggering!) and I felt pretty wiped out afterwards, which I was pleased about becuase it meant i’d put all the energy I had into the race.

This was my second G.P. event this year, both of which have had a lovely community vibe, with lots of repeat offenders and faces I hope to see again next year!

Published by michellearthurs

I'm an NCTJ Journalist and work at Cycling Weekly. Previous to this, I was the Editor at Total Women's Cycling. I've also dabbled in marketing and copywriting - having been Marketing Coordinator and Social Media/Content Editor at Evans Cycles. My first job was working on a local newspaper.  I've written for a variety of titles on a freelance basis, too. I got into cycling when I entered my first triathlon in 2010. I now race crits, road races, time trials, and do a lot of track training for not very much track racing.

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