Ready, Steady… Time.

Mon- 2k swim, gym – run, squats, deadlifts, arm free weights
Tues- 60km bike
Wed- Track session, 4×300,400,500 + 30min steady
Thur- 6x1k reps + 3k jog, lunges, arm free weights, 40min Ditchling Hill Loop

I am working on making notable improvements.
“Has that not always been the intention, Michelle?” I hear you ask.
Well, yes, it has – but amongst 40min runs and 40 min rides and 2k swims, I have very little I can actually record and improve upon.
Yes, I am aware of my average, good and bad 200m swim times, and I keep an eye on my splits while I swim, and the same with running and biking. However, I rarely expect myself to actually improve. As long as my times remain on the ‘good’ side of average, I tend to accept this and continue in the same way.

The best way I can think to move forward is by doing regular checks, and having goals. Friday swim training has a monthly time trial, but as I dont show my face every week, I don’t always get to see my time drop. Thus far, running and biking have been barely recorded.

So : Goal time.

Firstly, if I don’t make the club time trials, I will make sure I record my own time once a month. Obviously, without competition and the pressure of a coach with a stopwatch, this will be hard, and I expect to be a little slower- but it’s a start.

I have picked up the pieces from my last track session attempt, and started attending the midday Weds grass track sessions. Here, I can record my times and look for improvment. Actually having a time to beat might give me a push in the right direction. I will also try to make the 1k reps session a regular, and work on beating that time. I should also work on actually doing Park Run a little more often!

Bike-Wise, I would like to do a weekly 10mile Time Trial. I find it hard to get to the local organised ones, so these will probably be a turbo-training affair.

All in all, well.. lets just hope I stick with this!

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