The importance of learning to open water swim has been revealed to me! Newhaven results:

1st female
Teresa Tamplin 00:13:13 00:34:10 00:20:23 01:07:46

2nd female
Lara Wetherill 00:13:22 00:34:33 00:21:12 01:09:07

3rd female
Sarah Huntley 00:11:26 00:37:34 00:21:47 01:10:47

4th female
Michelle Arthurs 00:18:38 00:36:03 00:21:13 01:15:54

With a 400m time of 7.26… 600 should take me… somewhere around 12mins. 18minutes?! Where exactly did I think I was going?? Next race (last of season) is a pool based. So i’ve got a year to practice!

Last few days: Sat – gym – running and weights
Sun – Rest
Mon – AM: 3x10min bike, 10min run,
PM: 30min run and 3x3running drills
Tues – AM: 600m, 5x100m, 400m, 5x100m.
Good swim this morning, 100m’s seem to be hitting around 1min50, as opposed to 1min58/2min – good signs

Sorry for the boring posts – fun ones shall be on their way in a few days!

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