Newhaven Tri!

4th female- times to be announced when I know them!

The swim was surprisingly simple. About half way round I began to regret the HUGE bowl of porridge I had for breakfast, and I also found myself going quite far round the outside the group. I’m pretty sure I swam quite a bit more than 600m, in a very wobbly line… but i’m just happy I got through it with no real hitches! From experiences so far, I prefer open water – becuase I rather like the feeling that i’m actually GOING SOMEWHERE! (even if I then find myself back where I started!)

Bike – Thankfully for me, roads were still quite empty, and I am not very fast – but I see what Nigel means about it being a bit dangerous. Curly county lanes, fast bikers and impatient drivers are a risky mix. I played a good game of ‘you-overtake-me, and-i’ll-overtake-you’ with another woman for ages – but she eventually overtook me on a downhill. I kept her in my sights for quite a while, but eventually decided to accept she was just faster than me! I also started to get strange shooting pains/cramp in my calf at around the half way point..

Run – The route was almost too nice! Lovely for a ‘sunday run’ but i’d much rather there was less to enjoy on a race- found myself losing all focus! I was very thankful for the grass I was running on, though, becuse i’m not sure my calfs would have been able to handle any more pavement pounding action. Having accepted defeat from the women biking in front of me, I discovered that running was not her talent, and passed her. She just about managed a ‘well done’ and I wished her luck back. I think at this point I was happy that all had gone ok, was a little worried about the pain in my calf, so I slowed down a bit. I decided to tell myself a slow run was quite acceptable following a swim and a bike, and considering it was my first full sprint, I was quite happy to chugg along at a comfortable pace. However, I did mis-judge the end, which crept up on me much sooner than I expected – meaning my ‘last 500m semi-sprint’ became about 5m long and I didn’t use the energy reserve i’d saved up! Hopefully, with time, my run will become a normal race pace effort and I can make up for my newbie-swimming-technique!

All in all, quite enjoyed myself – and looking forward to kicking my own ass next race. For now, my dodgy calf has received a post-race massage, and has been resting on a bag of peas all afternoon (after lunch at the famous Bills, of couse. )

I am an NCTJ qualified journalist and copywriter with a year’s worth of experience as a local hack, and just under two years’ of experience working in the marketing department for a highstreet retailer. I currently work at Cycling Weekly, previous to this I was the editor at Total Women's Cycling. I do a little freelance writing alongside my job, and have written for Runner’s World, Triathlete’s World, Sussex Sport, Basingstoke Gazette newspaper, the Brighton Argus, Steve Hart Photography and 2LK Design. I blog to record the activities in my life which I don’t want to forget when I’m old and wrinkly (let’s hope the internet never melts down – but it seems safer than a notebook) – to let old friends and family know what I’m up to, and because I enjoy playing with words. I’m always looking for new projects – and you can email me should you ever need someone with an energetic passion for word doodling. Email: michelle.arthurs@gmail.com Twitter: @RideWriteRepeat Instagram: @RideWriteRepeat

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