Team Spirit

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about team dynamics. Blame the world cup maybe.. but team sports do somewhat highlight the singular nature of triathlon. I did my one-woman-indoor-sprint race this week. My times for this ‘race’ are usually pretty awful -mainly becuase it’s just me – no competition.

Having joined Phoenix Tri club recently, i’m enjoying the feeling of being part of a greater unit. Coached biking yesterday was pretty slow, my legs were heavy and clunky from the run the day before, but knowing there was a coach standing there with a stopwatch, timing every lap meant I still pushed it.

I’ve been training with people a lot lately, and learning that a little bit of competition goes a long way, as does a little bit of comradely and shared pain.

What I like about Triathlon, and individual sports like running, is that you don’t have the (for me, crippling) fear of letting down a team, only the motivating pressure of not letting down yourself. Within that, however, being part of a club means you still get a hint of that ‘we’re all behind you’ spirit that team players get. I’ve been wearing my Phoenix vest with pride, and I hope to be racing in it soon.

Thur – 2k swim, deadlifts, other weights
Fri – 20min row, 30min run, 10min eliptical and weighs/core
Sat – restttt
Sun – 50min-1hr hilly train like run
Mon – 2k swim, 30min coached interval bike (2xhard, 2xeasy)x3
Tues – 2k row, 20k bike, 4k run (bad row..good bike… bad run)

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