Escape to Tarahumara Land

Thur – AM 2k swim, PM 30min bike
Fri – upper body weights, core, deadlifts, squats, 8k row, 30min bike
Sat – rest
Sun – (2k row, 10k bike) x2, wobble board stability!
Mon -AM 1.5k swim, PM coached bike technique session, 30min row/bike/eliptical circuits

I have just begun to read ‘Born To Run’ – it was leant to me by LB, and like many books leant to me over the course of my degree, it has been gathering dust for quite a while. However – said degree is now over, and I am free to read and enjoy at my leisure.

I wanted a book not related to running, training, or anything – some silly romance or another of the warming ‘Ladies Detective Agency’ books which guarantee to bring a glow to the soul. Too busy/lazy to get to Waterstones, I thought i’d give it a go.

I’ve only read the first chapter, so perhaps i’m jumping the gun, but so far, I love it. I love it becuase it is a book written by someone who knows the pain and frustration of running injury, who can laugh at his own pig-headed stubbon nature (visitig every specialist in the hope of a different diagnosis), and yet who evidently loves running.

McDougall (affore mentioned owner of pig head), so far, has told me all about the Tarahumara runners – their ritual drinking, their ability to run and run for minutes, hours, days, miles, marathons – to just keep going and love every pain free minute. Such a life seems to inviting in its simplicity – drink with the tribe, sleep, run – eat, sleep, run, enjoy life – no stealing, no murder or other human related nastiness. It’s a shame only certain clans within the human race seem capable of such a simple existance.

Human beigns really are meant to just ‘be’ – to use the land, to relate to one another, to relish the first moment of spring and dance with the stars. It’s a shame we make everything so compliated.

Training really should be just as simple – practice what you need to do in the race, but don’t stress over it, don’t make it into an ordeal or a trial. If you’re not enjoying it, something is wrong – using the body you have should be a pleasure and a joy.

Riding my bike lately has been a total joy – the feeling of flying accross the downs, the way the wheels hug the smooth contours of never-ending road.
It’s just a shame about all the cars.

That is why i’d like to escpae to Tarahumara Land – no cars, no irritating elements of life to culminate into webs of stress and indecision. Simplicity. Calm.
For now i’ll have to stick with England and imagine.

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