Run :-( Bike :-)

Sat – 40min row intervals, 20min bike, weights
Sun – 3k row interals, squats and deadlifts, 40min bike
Mon – AM 2k swim, PM 40min bike
Tues – AM hour track bike, intervals, PM 15min row interals, weights
Wed – AM 2k swim, hour commute bike, PM 30min track bike

One week is lost i’m afraid – there was some running in that, but sadly running is back down to irregular occurance due to reaccurance of the dreaded tendonitis- unbelievably annoying. I could dwell on it, but I have more exciting news so I wont..

I found a bike! I finally came to the conclusion that all bikes of a certain price will be of a certain spec, unless you happned to find an amazing second hand deal, which is hard if you want a bike that fits. So – I went for it, splashed out and got myself a beautiful Specialised Dolce Elite – nice tiagra gears, 9 speed (which i’m told I can upgrade for £30 in a few months when I get an itchy bank balance 😉 ), totally light weight and a joy to ride. I’ve been whizzing around on it excessively and constantly – and loving every second! Planning on starting out on time trials soon – exciting times!

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