New Experiences and FREEDOM

Yesterday, at 12.30pm, I finished my degree – I am officially, a graduand! Apparently I do not receive graduate status until I don a silly robe and stumble up to the front of the hall in front of lots of people.

So – how did I celebrate? Well – I went for a swim in the sea. And today? I went for a swim in the pool, and a ride on the potential new bike. May I add that I have never properly swum in the sea before, am still leaning to swim without a nose clip (today went surprisingly well – I think i’ve learnt!) and I have never ridden on aero bars before. I have now done all three, and I can report that I am un-scathed, largely happy with myself, and looking forward to some more training!

Degree over, all I HAVE to do until June (work experience!) is work in a cafe. On top of that, i’d like to write as much as possible, and train as much as possible – both of which i’m very excited about.

So – prepare to be bombarded.

Lesson for today : try new things. First five minutes might be uncomfortable, but you will almost never regret it (unless your chosen new thing was throwing yourself in a pool of sharks – in which case – try a new new thing.)

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