New Thingss.

Tues – 1hr bike/run, 30min free weights and KB? Plus 40min swim (i’m a bit hazy.. )
Wed- Birthdaayy
Thur – 40min bike, 20min run, 30 min free weights and KB
Fri – 2k-2.5k swim
Sat – Hove Park Run – 5k in 23.28 (now only 1min off pre-injury PB!), 1-2hrs biking
Sun – well earned rest!!

Yesterday was an eventful one in the grand scheme of training. Firstly, did another Hove Park Run – only my second and I managed to shave off a nice 22 seconds from a fortnight ago. Regular events seems like a good way to go, and, though Hove Park Run is very much a causal, non-event-y affair, it still seems like a good start.

Also – I picked up the road bike I will be using for the Tri.
Today I road it.
Every movement is like a command to the wheels, it literally corners with every suggestion that you’d like it to (when ridden correctly), and wavers with every accidental movement (when ridden incorrectly!). Going down hill, at a decent speed, is like plummeting to what could either be uncertain doom, or uncertain joy.
Suffice to say: I am both excited, and scared, by the bike.

Trying new things always feels like a funny concoction of fear and fulfillment, it’s like the cocktail you order on a whim, only to spend the entire drink attempting to gage your own reaction to it. Pleasure? Discomfort? Maybe the two are designed to mingle together in a strangely happy union.

Well, here’s to new things.
I’ll tell you how they taste come Sunday.

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