Sun – 10min elip, 10k bike, 25min run (20min tempo), 10k bike (some 30-60sec intervals)
Mon – 3x100m, 2x200m, 2x300m, 2x500m, 200m cool down

I have become infected with a desire to sign up for races. This morning I signed up for Woking Aquathlon, 400m swim, 4k run – very much excited!

Training today went really well, I guess with swimming I find a lot of the battle is mental, but having done 1.5k race on Saturday, I found I needed so few recovery breaks than I have in the past, in fact today’s session, I was in the pool for 55min according to my watch – not bad for 2.4k.

I think a lot of this uber positivity is coming from the sun, combined with a generally good day of productive morning revision, successful training, a relaxing and enjoyable trip to lewes with my housemate, followed by more productive revision. All in all, a good day so far =D

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