Thur- 10min elip, 10min 5min/k pace, 20min tempo with some 30-60sec sprints, 10min 5min/k pace (and some slower!!) :-0 ), 15min bike (5min 30 sec intervals), cool down
Fri – Ressstt
Sat – 1.5k race = 30min50sec (and 2x kettlebell sets to celebrate post race high – followed by a rum and coke 😉 )

So – Michelle’s first swim race finally swung round! And how did it go?
I think fairly well. With the exclusion of some nose clip irritation and reajustion, no crazy dilemmas or lane swimming issues at all.

Never having race swum before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and the Marie Curie swim was definitely a good introduction – it was very relaxed, some people just happy to swim the distance and get out for the odd mid swim water fountain trip etc! I pegged it, however, and kept a reasonable pace throughout. I have noticed an trend though – in that i’ve only swum 1.5k timed 3 times – no1 = 34min, no2 = 32min32, no3 = 30min50. Each of these was about a week apart (last min training!) – so evidently I had not improved by nearly two mins at each go – seems more likely i’m just learning the correct pace to employ for the distance. Practice makes perfect – and I would be lying if I said I didnt have my eyes firmly placed on a sub 30!

As promised in a previous post, i’m back on the short bursts training – throwing in some kettlebells and 30sec-1min intervals. First kettlebell session in a while was last week – I kid you not, it hurt the next day! However, did another 2 sets last night and feeling fine today so I guess thats sorted itself!!

Anyways, long and short of it – first training competition of the season down – next stop – triathlon!! May tri will be more a ‘training tri’ – but come June i’m racing it!

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