Sat- pull ups/weights etc – 30 min, 2k row, 3x6mile bike, 10min elliptical

Had a little browse on 220 Tri this morning (after making revision notes on ‘The Slave Trade’ – joy), and discovered an interesting article about 20min upper body workouts for swimming. The writer suggested these exercises:

The exercises
Big swim gains can be made in just 15mins. Here’s how…

Exercise 1 Press-ups
Exercise 2 Burpees
Exercise 3 Tricep dips
Exercise 4 Pull-ups

It was generally suggested that you progressively work harder and harder for 15 minutes. My heart sunk at the mention of pull ups – I am quite simply just, well, not very strong.

The irritating thing is that I KNOW I need to improve here. I have been working on it, Friday night I did a routine of 10 squat, 50 of those ones where you lie flat, and pull your legs up to 90 degrees, and repeat (name anyone?), 20 squat, 40 table sit ups, 30 squat, 30 press up, 40 squat, 20 sit up, 50 squat, 10 alternating leg kick sit ups. I am getting there, and I do see the importance of strength training, but it’s just so EASY to stick to my standard cardio workouts. I like sets of 20mins or 10 mins, where you work at about 70% intensity, for about 1-2 hours, anything that asks me to pull out 80-90% of my effort and i’d just rather avoid it. I guess this explains why my kettlebell has been gathering dust for a while.

I really, really must attack this problem soon or improvements are going to be very, very slow..

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