Fri – Easy Day – 1.5k swim, 3mile(ish) run
Sat – Hard Day – 3x2k cross train, 2x10k bike, 1x5k bike
Sun – Rest
Mon – Hard Day – 2k cross train, 3x10k bike (put the resistnace up -been doing this session a while now, needed stepping up!), 2k row, 1k cross, some leg weights
Tues – Easy day – 250m warm up, 200m drills, 3x500m reps (First two = steady effort, last set done 4hard, 1 easy etc), 200m cool down
Wed – 10k run, 40min strength
Thur – swim – 40 – 60min
Fri – 2k row, 25k bike, 5k run (practice tri)

This week I have spent: 13 hrs packing boxes for monies, many hours dissertation, fair amound of time gyming and swimming – no time blogging. Sorry, but dissertaion is currently winnig on the importance front. Blog will be back to normal asap!
In the mean time – muffins i posted few days ago?
There are SO MANY POSSIBLE VARIETIES. It’s AMAZING. Keep yourselves busy – cooking and eating 🙂

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