A little musing on swimming and apologies

Thur – 10k (58min – couple of uphill walks in there – achilles strengthen!!), core work (medicine ball!)
Fri – 2.5k swim – practiced 600m and tumble turns
Sat – rest
Sun – 5mile run
Mon – 2k row, 9.40 – 25k bike, 49min – 5k run, non timed

Favourite achievment of the week was Friday’s swim. As i’ve mentioned before, i’ve been really struggling with longer distances. So, this time, I decided to throw in a lap of breaststroke every 4 laps. At first, lap 4 and 8 and 16 were all breastroke. I then found out that the little ‘breaks’ meant I could just keep going, and after that, I didn’t feel the need for the breaks anyway! Deffinate sense of achievment. Also, as I was at home, I had the benefit of a pretty empty pool, so I had the opportunity to practice tumble turns. After a bit of practice, I actually found they made it EASIER to keep going. Fingers crossed I can keep it up!

Sory about lack of interesting blogs… I spent 5 hours staring at a computor screen in the library today, writing and re-writing an essay – so sadly all creative energies have been sapped from me 😦 Come Easter – should have lots of spare time – be afraid!

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