Wed – 3x400m swim, 2x200m, 4x100m + 400m warm up/cool down/drills

Great swimming session. I’ve been struggling lately with my 400m sets – I keep splitting them up and doing 100m/50m etc ‘fast’ and failing to endure the longer ones. After a bit of self-searching, thinking through tecnique, nutrition, amount of sleep, etc etc, I finally realised what the problem was. Bacially, a bit of laziness. The race is 400 – I know I can swim 400m, so I just stopped bothering and started just covering the distance, breaks or no breaks.
Thing is, my 400m time is never going to improve if I never swim 400m.
So – today I told myself to stop being so lazy and just do it. And I did. And I could.
Moral of the story: bit of self discipline isn’t a bad thing.

(sorry for the short blog. actually have a lot more to say – but LB has come over and is sitting on his own downstairs whilst I write so I better go keep him company whilst he eats his chinease. And no, i’m not having any. Tuna (protein), chickpeas (protein + carb), mushrooms and pepper with tomatoe sauce served me just right, thanks, and probably won’t triple the levels of salt and other undesirables in my system)

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