Lucozade Lightning?

Sunday – long walkies 🙂
Monday – 20min bike, 200m kick drill, 200m arm drills, 2000m swim
Tues – 20min strength, 10k bike, 1k run, 10k bike, 2k run, 10k bike, 2k run
Weds – 10k steady run (watching Jeremy Kyle – good way to stay steady!), 40min commute bike
Thurs – 2000m swim, 400m drills, bike commute
Fri – 1500m swim, 40min bike commute
Sat – 5mile run, deadlifts
Sun – Resstt

Yesterday I had the best swim i’ve had in a while. There may be several explanations for this: more conditioning = stronger arms, learning to breath every 5 instead of every 3 = better rhythm, being more aware of arm movement = wasting less energy… oOoOr… it could have been a result of the Lucozade High Energy Alert shot I downed just before the training. Before this, i’d already ploughed through a coffee and a cup of tea during the day. One wonders… how much caffeine is too much?

Are high caffeine energy drinks good for athletes, or not?
I can appreciate that for a race or event, a (pre tested!) energy boost is a bonus. However, it becomes incredibly tempting to start repeatedly turning to energy supplements following a bad nights sleep or a slightly sluggish attitude. I’m not sure this is too healthy, and wonder if repeated use could lead to a ‘can’t train without it’ attitude.

Post-workout supplements might offer promising recovery benefits, but having said this, I have so far been quite happy with a banana and a latte (or protein shake, when I get round to ordering some powder, which i’ve been meaning to do for the last month or so).

Lucozade is absolutely everywhere lately, evidently they’re having a marketing push, and it’s absolutely inescapable in the sporting, gyming world. Features in magazines, new Lucozade-Only vending machines in every sporting facility. I can’t help but wonder: are they a help or a hindrance? Healthy, useful supplements, or unnatural methods for short term gains?

I’m not sure. All I know is I went to sleep about 3am, and was woken by the recycling van and school-run at 8:30AM… failing taking it easy, and skipping training altogether… someone pass the caffeine?

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