Beautiful Sussex

The LB and I went on a beautiful bike ride today along the sea cliffs of the Sussex coast. The sun was high in the sky, and my heart was singing. The ride made me realise what an amazing place Sussex is, how much there is to take in, enjoy, make the most of – how little I make the most of it.

Tomorrow, i’m going walking across the downs with some friends. With so much open space around us, it seems ridiculous to spend more time than necessary stuffed away in the house.

Also – swimming is looking up muchly. A lovely friend of mine (you, Dave!) came along and gave me some swim pointers that i’ve been working on. Main priorities: more drills, breath every 5 instead of every 3, arm brushing hat, perfect tumble-turns. Woopwoop.

Current goal: March 7th – Aquathlon, 400m swim, 5k run. Fingers crossed the Achilles holds up..

Wed – 8k run, 10ish mile hilly bike
Thurs – 1500-2000m swim
Fri – 6ish mile bike, 2000m swim, 30min strength
Sat – 32mile hilly bike!

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