Self Directed Kindness- SDK

Tues – 2200m ish swim

Today I hit a wall. The thick, heavy wall of psychological failure.

What I didn’t mention in the weeks schedule (last post) is that on Firday-Rest-Day I donated a pint of blood. Following this, I continued to train as normally as possible. Ah-ha-ha. Not so smart.

Consequently, I had a rubbish swim on Saturday. I did decide to take it easy as a result, but the initial shock of my body not doing as I ordered it to has been playing on my mind ever since. I got a few sets into todays swim, and kept being haunted by this horrible reminisence of breathlessness in the water. As a (until now…) closet claustraphobic, I find any feelings of breathlessness usually result in panic. My mind was asking my body if it was really capable, and telling my limbs they were heavy. I got half way through, and was so tempted to get out. So, I sat at the side, gave myself a good pep-talk (not out loud!), and plunged back in. It took a few lengths, but I kepy positive, and finished the set with relative ease.

Sometimes (often) I find that being a little harsh on myself is a pretty useful training tool. Telling myself not to be lazy and that I can do so much more usually works, but today, a little self-sympathy was needed. At this level, I discover new attitudes to training almost every day. Today, I decided a little self-directed kindness goes a long way.

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