Giving In!

Thurs – 60 min run
Fri – Rest
Sat – 2500m swim (sets of 100/200/400)
Sun – 2500m swim (sets of 100/200/400)

I have finally given into the elements, and decided to relent on my anti-gym philosophy. A little mathematics lead me to this conclusion. Last term, in order to run in the cold, I bought: thermal layer (£11 – reduced – go thrifty!), jacket (£15 – likewise!), and LB purchased me a KB (£30ish) to replace free weights – this, you’ll notice, adds to £56. The uni gym is £75 per term, and includes use of gym (warm), gym lockers (convenient), gym showers (less smelly), classes (awesome! spinning!!), squash (woop). So – I am afraid I have been defeated. I still maintain, however, that it is not 100% necessary, just more convenient.

I am going to struggle today, though. In the gym, there will be a treadmill. Running on treadmills is a joy to me – it’s like flying. Furthermore, I am hideously competitive. Once I am on the treadmill, I will want to be on it fast and long. However, with the ankle slowly healing, this could be detrimental. Wish me luck.

The good thing, I have to admit, about the gym is the variety. I have a tendency to select a discipline – running, swimming, biking, decide it is the bees knees, cats pyjamas, dingbats wellies – and refuse to budge from it. I remember for my gyming days considerably fewer aches and pains – mainly as a result of mixing up rowing, cycling, running, and when I dared enter the grunting mass of testosterone downstairs, free weights. This mix it up method has it’s benefits, and hopefully I will be reaping them soon!

Managed 45minutes of running – 10min jog, 20min tempo, 15min jog – calfs a little tight but no ankle pain! Woop! Recovery in sight – should try to keep it that way – NO RUNNING TOMORROW! lol!

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