Christmas Quickie #2

It’s Christmas eve, so I shall say little as all should be en joying the festivities.
Today –
warm up – 400m
main set – 20x50m + 6x100m
cool down – 50min, followed by diving fun, water slides, and general regression/frolicking in the splash time area with the lovely boyfriend.

You know that game you always see children playing at pools, where you chuck the locker key in, and the other dives to get it? We played that. Fun times! Then restored ourselves with Christmas eve Zizzi trip. Yummy times 🙂

Also got my Christmas present from the LB (always allowed to open 1 present on Christmas eve!) – Vibram 5fingers! Very excited to try. For starters, will make EXCELLENT blogging review material!

There are 2 comments

  1. Michelle Arthurs

    No – it's about how 'l33t' we are. Not that I will ever use the word leet again…These things should be done again – how about – Guidford day – spectrum, followed by Avatar. Any time this week?

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