As we sit, by the fire…

The snow has meant that getting to the pool, cycling places, and my general, normal activity, has been a little difficult. The lack of cycling, particuarly, is notable. At uni, cycle paths are clear and safe, and everywhere is reachable by bike – here – not so.

In response to the fact I now have less ‘getting from A to B’ type exercise, i’ve basically upped the intensity – making everything harder and shorter. The ideal schedule would mix this up – long, slow, easy days, and short, hard, fast days. However, for now i’ll have to stick with a slight lack of variety.

Today – serious attempt at conditioning!:
2x10min – 200KB swing, downward rows, figure 8s
2x10min – 150KB swing, 150 squat (1st = 9min50, 2nd = 9min57)
1x10min – snatches/figure8s/weighted sit ups/halo’s/rows etc
1x10min – press ups/sit ups/planks

Yep – that’s right. Frustration at lack of swimming got to me – 700swings – thats the most i’ve ever done in a day. I may have over done it a bit here – we shall see. Still, it’s a pretty good session, and was all carried out in the safety and comfort of my own home.

So, if the winter blues are hitting home, and making it impossibe to stick to your normal plan, I say pick up the Kettlebell, and leave the scary out-doors to do its worst…

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