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Contagious Calorie Counting at its WORST

The Internet is rabid with discourse over the benefits of swimming vs running. Frenzied, even linguistically violent attacks come from both sides of the fence.

Most of the discussion, sadly, is solely centered around the calorie burning efficiency of the two – “HelP!” – tortured ‘athletes’ cry – which will make me look more like a victim of third world hunger?! Most of these discussions blah on about V02 max, body temperature, metabolism speed and the effect of weight bearing etc etc etc… blah. When it comes down to it, have you ever seen a fat Olympic swimmer? Are many sprinters obese? No? So chill out! If you’ve got a healthy attitude, and are training to get faster, better, stronger, you will probably replace many of the calories you burn anyway. Surely, burn less = eat less, burn more = eat more.

One tortured soul asked a forum ‘i’m bored of running, and i’m beginning to get sore knee’s, but i’ve heard that swimming does not burn as many calories’. On having this assertion confirmed, he concluded he should stick to running. I cannot help but wonder if this will still appear the sensible decision of this young man gets so bored, and so injured, he packs the whole lot in?!

The obvious flaw in this logic is that I am speaking mainly of athletes in training, not people who could do with losing a few pounds to benefit their health. Truth be told, though, if we take of our scientifically analytical glasses and look a the real world, isn’t any exercise good, in that case? For athletes and everyday health conscious people alike, when it comes down to it, really isn’t it all about which one is more enjoyable?

Life is for enjoying. Calorie counting is definitely not enjoyable. Get on with it.

Fri – 20min swim, 10min pool jog, pool run ladder – 1easy,1hard,1easy,2hard,1,3,1,4,1,3,1,2,1,1. 20min cycle
Sat – 20min swim, 40min pool run, 30min cycle, 200 KB swing

I am an NCTJ qualified journalist and copywriter with a year’s worth of experience as a local hack, and just under two years’ of experience working in the marketing department for a highstreet retailer. I currently work at Cycling Weekly, previous to this I was the editor at Total Women's Cycling. I do a little freelance writing alongside my job, and have written for Runner’s World, Triathlete’s World, Sussex Sport, Basingstoke Gazette newspaper, the Brighton Argus, Steve Hart Photography and 2LK Design. I blog to record the activities in my life which I don’t want to forget when I’m old and wrinkly (let’s hope the internet never melts down – but it seems safer than a notebook) – to let old friends and family know what I’m up to, and because I enjoy playing with words. I’m always looking for new projects – and you can email me should you ever need someone with an energetic passion for word doodling. Email: Twitter: @RideWriteRepeat Instagram: @RideWriteRepeat

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